Diabetes Challenge Programme

The Diabetes Challenge Programme was piloted in October 2017 at Hackwood Partnership.  A Carousel Clinic was organised where patients had the opportunity to meet a number of different health professionals and service providers to develop a 6 week Healthy Living Plan.  A cohort of 13 attended the Carousel clinic with 10 actively participating in subsequent educational and physical activity events.  The pilot demonstrated improvements in patient activation level and received positive feedback from participants and staff.

This is now to be extended for further testing ‘at scale’ across Acorn partnership (3 surgeries formally known as Gillies, Camrose, Hackwood) The 12 week programme is due to commence 21st January 2018.  The programme is aimed at working aged adults with Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed over 1 yr, age 30-55, BMI over 30, HbA1C 50 plus.  If you are a patient with the Acorn partnership and meet this criteria you should receive an invite soon.